Raffle 2014
It's time for the annual Bainbridge Island Historical Museum Raffle!
First prize again this year is cash equal to 20% of ticket sales (last year we paid out the maximum $5000) and we have the exciting Apple iPad mini as our second prize.
This is an important part of our annual budget and we're ready to start the hard work of distributing thousands of tickets to Bainbridge Islanders. You can help us by:
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You'll see our board members and volunteers at Ace Hardware, Town & Country and Rite Aid. It was our intention to send you a supply of tickets this year, but due to a recent Postal Service ruling, unsolicited raffle tickets cannot be sent through the mail.
Thanks for your continued support

         Enthusiastically Incorruptible & Totally Impartial
           Jayden Hwang Drawing 2013 Raffle Winners 

Ansel Adams - A Portrait of Manzanar

Now Showing

Photos by Ansel Adams, text, artifacts, and video: the experience of Japanese Americans who were forcibly removed from their homes and incarcerated during World War II.

Adams was invited by the camp commander to visit the Manzanar "War Relocation Center" in 1943.  He was permitted to photograph everything except the barbed wire fences and guard towers, images that would have undermined the official storyline that the move to the camps was a "voluntary migration."  The result is an extraordinary collection of images of Japanese American camp residents, their living quarters, and the places where they worked or went to school.  Adams felt this story was so important that he self-published a book of camp photos with an accompanying text.  

The exhibit includes an optional twenty minute video that features historical newsreel footage and interviews with residents of the camp recalling their experiences.

New Exhibit - The Overland Westerners

100 years ago, four intrepid Kitsap County adventurers set out on horseback for a three-year, 20,000 mile expedition to all 48 state capitals.  Photos and details of the journey, the men, their 5 horses and 1 dog.